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Looks familiar plus some adult fantasy and a Jack McCarthty

We went to the cinema last week to see the film ‘SOLO’ which, in spite of the critics reviews that slatted it, my wife and I really enjoyed. It was while I was in the foyer I notice, or rather couldn’t fail to notice, a 3D advert for the upcoming film “The Meg” Does it look familiar ? Here are some ‘JAWS’ covers for comparison.
After Douglas Anderson put on list of all the PAN/Ballantine Adult Fantatsy series of 35 titles I checked mine and found I had 34 of them (anyone got ‘The King of Elfland’s Daughter’ in UK version?) Douglas asked for scans of 4 he hadn’t seen so those are ones I’ve done first and can be found HERE Some say PAN/Ballantine, usually as an overprint, on the cover where as others you have to check inside.

Being in a second hand bookshop last week and having some time to spare I started looking through a box of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books as a while ago I bought a folder of artwork by the late Jack McCarthy. These was mainly used as the frontispiece for the stories, plus a few page illustrations but none of them are labelled. Up to now I have found three so was really pleased to find this fourth one but still several to go. As far as I know McCarthy, of whom I can find nothing, didn’t paint any covers for PAN.

As it was Father’s day yesterday I received a great 3D card from our four cats and the vixen who calls in most days. Apparently ‘they’ chose it to remind me of the time last September when we met Julia and Axel at the ceremony where they were given their Golden PAN Awards.

UPDATE It appears there weren’t UK PAN printed editions of some of the Ballantine titles with a few printed in the USA but with UK, AU, NZ and SA cover prices. I’ve added one example to the page ‘Vathek’. Just another thirty titles to scan.